Google Ads Agency Pretoria

Google Ads Management services to meet your business needs.

Monthly Google Ads Management 

This option includes weekly budget checks, in depth campaign reviews and optimisation, and monthly reporting.

Our monthly Google Ads management is ideal for businesses in need of best practice account management and transparent reporting. Our team has been helping businesses generate leads, grow brand awareness and close sales since 2014 with Google Search, Display, Shopping, and YouTube advertising campaigns.

Once-off Google Ads account setup

This option will ensure that best practices and negative keywords are applied, increasing the likelihood of your success on Google.

Our once-off Google Ads setup services are perfect for small businesses in need of technical expertise to ensure their campaigns are correctly configured from the start. We'll ensure that common money wasters are blocked from the start, and that your account is structured in a way that gets more value for money.

Google Ads training 

We provide Google Ads training to teams in medium and large businesses who wish to manage their accounts in house.

Our training covers the theory behind running successful Google Ads campaigns, practical examples of how that applies in the real world, and a practical section to show trainees “where to click”. 

Attendees to the training also receive copies of the theory and practical slide decks to refer to in the future. 

Google Ads Consulting Agency

Our Google Ads specialists can provide strategic insights to your existing account setup, or help you plan your campaign strategies.

With an in depth understanding of the Google Ads product, we are able to review and audit account structures to improve your ROI. Our consulting services can also review your in-house teams' account setup, and provide specific pointers for improvement.


Our Google Ads Services' FAQ

What will my Google Ads budget be?

Depending on your industry, we typically recommend a minimum of R5 000 per month, excluding management fees. This is usually suitable for B2B businesses in niche industries. For example: corrugated steel manufacturers supplying to resellers and contractors.

For consumer services, legal services, and contractors we recommend R10 000 - R15 000. We recommend enquiring online to get an accurate estimate of your Google Ads budget.

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as you’ve paid the set up fees, your account will be set up within 5 working days, and your ads should start running immediately.

Though the setup is quick, Google Ads accounts only become effective after 3 months, as our specialists improve on targeting, ad creatives and structures.

Do you track conversions and leads?

Yes. We implement conversion tracking on your Google Ads account to ensure complete transparency on results, with the goal to improve your cost per acquisition.

Who pays for my Google Ads budget?

ClickOn Marketing will invoice you for your monthly Google Ads spend, and pay that directly to Google. The fees will reflect on your Google Ads account and the actual spend will be reported on at the end of the month.

We require payment for all marketing fees before the new month starts.

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Enquire online to request a custom digital marketing quote that meets your needs, and works to maximise your budget.

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