We strive to be your outsourced digital marketing team, that understands your brand, takes ownership and show a positive return on investment.

Who We Are

I started ClickOn Marketing as a South African based agency helping local and international businesses successfully execute digital marketing strategies. With 9 years' experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work across several industries, with companies across the globe, looking to expand. 

How we help

We provide an individualised approach to our digital marketing strategies for our clients. We understand that not every business has the same needs, challenges, or opportunities. This means that we create a customised approach to achieve your digital marketing objectives.

By providing a single point of contact, your online presence and brand will be managed by me, while I work with my team to ensure your success.

Who we work with

Clients who’ve enjoyed the best results with us are those who: Have the patience to let their strategies deliver results. Though we can’t guarantee it, given a year, we have increased Organic traffic with 280% for some clients. And given two years, we increased the ROI from 3.5 to 19.47.

Our ideal clients are:

  • Those who want to start small, but scale their digital marketing efforts as their business grows.
  • Those who want to build long term relationships with their agency, through open conversations when the current strategy doesn't work.
  • Those who understand that they're working with people, which means boundaries, respect, and the space to say sorry when we've made a mistake.

We want to get to know our client's businesses and seasonal sales and leads cycles. Becoming their outsourced digital marketing team they can rely on to deliver on what's needed, when it's needed.

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